About us

About Us:
Bacon-Wrapped Dates Blog is the anti-Netflix and Chill.

Hi there! We are Mandy & Morgan, and together we make up Bacon-Wrapped Dates. Our meet cute was at a Fourth of July Cubs game (which is ironic because neither of us care too much for sports), and we’ve kiiiind of been slaying the Chicago dating scene ever since *brushes shoulders off 2003 Jay-Z style.* Together, we spend a lot of time checking out new/interesting restaurants/bars/events, exploring our city (and beyond), and eating as much bacon as our small stomachs will allow (hence the blog name). After collecting more than a couple handfuls of compliments on our “fun” and “original” dates, we decided to create a space to chronicle our adventures in keeping it interesting.

But full caveat here: there’s nothing wrong with a Netflix and chill/Hulu and lounge/HBO Now and hang every now and then. We do that too, it’s all good.

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Together, we’re Bacon-Wrapped Dates!
But we’re separate humans too.

About Mandy:
Accidental Chicagoan by way of OH + NYC. Media girl at heart. 
Favorite bacon:
Bacon fat popcorn at Revolution Brewpub in Logan Square
Favorite date: Adler After Dark at the Adler Planetarium

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About Morgan:
IN > CHI. Tech sales by day, comedy connoisseur by night. Can’t travel enough.
Favorite bacon: Bacon pancakes at Milwaukee’s Comet Cafe
Favorite date: Night kayak on the Chicago River