A BWD Update

Hey friends! We know, we know: long time, no blog. Even though we’ve been silent on the website, we’ve been busy, busy IRL. Since our last update, we signed a lease, said peace to our prior apartments, moved into a new one (our first, together), did a bit a traveling, etc. Needless to say, finding the time to write about all of these adventures (and the others we’ve been having in between all of the big life stuff) has been pushed to the backburner of our hypothetical second stove in our hypothetical basement.

In full transparency, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Or really, it’s going to get better for a hot second, and then worse, and then, hopefully, better after that. We have a few posts in the hopper that we’ll let loose in the next few days, but then we’re traveling (Eurotrip!), so we’ll be silent again–with the exception of our insta, where we will be extremely active! Give us a follow, if you’re so inclined. But as for posts, look for recap content when we return.

In the meantime, follow our Instagram for more timely updates, and after the next few days of hot-off-the-press-now-totally-dated content, we’ll see you back here in late May.

All our bacon-wrapped love,
Mandy & Morgan

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