Saturday’s Speakeasy Double Date

Last month, we had our first official double date with a couple friend–actually, the couple who introduced us to each other! We stuffed ourselves with pasta and wine at a wonderful Italian dinner, and to cap off the night, our friends invited us to a neighborhood speakeasy of which they were members. We fell in love with it instantly. So much so, that we basically recreated the date and are in the process of applying for membership at the speakeasy, just less than one month later. We never said we weren’t copy cats.

So last weekend, with a different couple friend of ours, we courted them in a similar fashion–pasta (at a different Italian restaurant, for the record), drinks, and live piano music at the same speakeasy: Room 13.

Room 13, which is a part of/directly underneath the Old Chicago Inn, is a true to form 1920’s era speakeasy. To get in, you need to know the password, accompany a member, or be a guest of the Inn. It’s pretty legit. After stating the nightly password through a small window in their door (you know, Wizard of Oz style), you’re granted access to the secret lounge. From their suggested dress code (jackets/no jeans), to their decor and alcohol selections (no draft beer, vodka, or anything that wasn’t around in the roaring 20’s), this speakeasy feels authentic to the era. The drinks (most of which include gin, rye, or champagne) were stiff, the piano made for elegant background music, and the whole place was pretty chill for a Saturday evening. In fact, we closed the place down.

Overall, we would (and do!) highly recommend checking it out, if the opportunity to visit Room 13 ever presents itself. We think it would be an exceptionally fun and different place to take out-of-town friends/family/colleagues when they visit the city. As we mentioned, we’re in the process of applying for membership, and definitely look forward to more dates of all kinds there (double, business, etc.)!

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